Sunday, June 29, 2008


As the girls and I prepare (or I should say, I prepare) to head off for a few days to visit the grandparents I am finding that part of the parental job description should be running stairs.

What I mean is this. I have a bag packed that includes my clothing and toiletry items. Then I have one for each of the girls. PJs, matching clothing purchased by the grandparents aunts and uncles (because we must show them as much as possible in items purchased by our dear familyJ), diapers, pull ups, an assortment of books for night time, books for the car, a DVD player, toys, shoes, sippy cups for day and night, bibs, snacks that very well could feed an entire family of four yet there are only two small children, as well as a plethora of other items, namely baby monitors, fans or other noise machines to make it seamless that they are sleeping somewhere else than their own beds… This list goes on and on and I feel like I am recapping for an episode off Jon & Kate. This for a matter of hours, truly. About 72 give or take. How is it that a combined 55lbs have so many things?

So, on to the stairs.
My loving husband—who isn’t even involved in this journey--now schelps these items to and from the bedrooms, down the stairs and into the car, only to have me ask his over and over again, did you pack the toothbrushes? Check. How about the bodywash? Check. Towels? Check. Stuffed Elmo, favorite pillows…? Let me check…

So now I have calculated that I have run the stairs about eight times in the past three hours. Not bad compared to what my hubby has done. I think he’s log his gym time right here on the steps without touching a stairclimber!

And the funny thing is this. About an hour into our travels I will realize the inevitable. We forgot something.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


As I sit here paying bills in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, i have witnessed our little baby girl taking her first steps--to of all things her walker!
Annika has taken a couple of steps over the past few days, her first two saturday's ago at grandma and grandapa's house, which i didnt see so it didnt count!!! hahahaha!
We'll take some pix and post later today. Hurray to our babycakes on the move!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Riding out of my life? I hope NOT!

Alexandra, you got a new bike this week. Daddy and I toyed with the idea of getting a bike for you for weeks, but when Toys R Us came out with their weekly flier that said Princess bikes were $20 off, I was all over it.
So off we went in search of that perfect bike. Princess bikes come in two sizes: 12 inches and 16 inches. We had the seat set to the highest setting for the 12 inch and it was too small for you, the 16 inch was too big. i saw blood and concussion all over it. So we continued our search for a bike better suited for you--a 14 inch bike. This one happened to be Dora and was perfect, except it wasn't princess. So you rode it and loved it, and so off to the cash register we went. Now when you ride your tricycle you look overgrown. Annika has her eye on it, i'l have you know!
Bottom line is you love it and look so big. I joked with daddy and said you're on your way to riding out of our lives! I love you, honey! Don't ride out on me yet, ok!

Favorite sayings--before I forget!

You two always keep me hopping!
Favorite sayings from the ladies:
18 mos-two years
--Epee (airplane)
--agaa (ice cream and playground)

--John Miss (john smith)
--noonels (noodles)
--samich (sandwich)
--whatcho say, mommy?
--noykioak (pinnochio)
--pockahonka (pocohantis)
--Dis-a-nay (Disney)
--Forda (florida)
--stringy noodles (spaghetti)
--Roundy rounds (oh's cereal)

So far...
--Kheee (kitty, this applies to anything on four legs!)
--bihsis (big sister)
--diss, diss, diss, diss (this this this, while pointing)

Favorite Foods:
--Annika will eat anything on her place, and for however long you leave her there!
Alexandra has become much more picky now as she's gotten older but favs still remain as pizza, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese (which she didnt like until recently), cereal, ice cream!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our little ladies

This blog is about two little ladies and will chronicle their lives. A place to store memories, a place to share with others and a place to allow my little ladies to grow--on paper and in my heart!
It is my hope that one day they will read this blog and learn about all of the lovely things (and maybe not so lovely) they have impressed on my (our) lives. Enjoy the stories I share about our little ladies.